938LIVE’s A Slice of Life Interview

Heather & Eugene 938LIVEToday I had the great pleasure of speaking with Eugene Loh on his radio program, A Slice of Life, on Singapore’s talk radio station, 938LIVE.

We had a wonderful discussion about a lot of pronunciation issues, including the difference between accent and clarity, why modelling a native accent is illogical, if not impossible, what we should focus on when it comes to speaking English clearly, why your pronunciation matters, plus some real examples of pronunciation gone wrong.

It seems like common sense that International English would be used and accepted in international circles, yet still, we strive to achieve a native-English norm. Why is this happening?

Click on the link below to hear my thoughts (approx. 23 min).

Slice of Life Interview

What do you think? Do you agree with what I’ve said? I’d love to read your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. marlou cadungog says:

    good afternoon!i really love to learn how to speak English fluently but unfortunately i am not good at it…i hope that through this course it will help me develop my English speaking skill

  2. David Aguilar says:

    hi.. i am student of high school, i really cannot speak lot of english language, but it likes me, i hope you could give me some advice ….

  3. Chua Lai Peng says:

    Don’t about good or bad , I’m not going give myself that kind excuses anymore.
    By opening my mouth to speak is the best solution.

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