Free Pronunciation Course – Part 5

Linking Sounds Together Now that we’ve taken a look at vowel and consonant sounds (how’s that TH coming along?), we’re going to start putting all of these sounds together. Linking is the process of connecting the end of one word to the beginning of the next word so that our speech flows smoothly and effortlessly. In English there are some very specific ways that we link our words together, and I’m going to explain each of these in Part 5. It might sound odd that I’m asking you to run your words together when the whole point of this course is to have you speaking more clearly! Don’t worry. When you link your words together you will sound more natural and confident. When you don’t   Read More

Free Pronunciation Course – Part 6

Syllables and Word Stress Today we’re going to begin discussing what I believe may be the single most important concept for you to understand and apply in English pronunciation: word stress. We’ll be discussing syllables and a basic definition of word stress in this lesson. Next time, in Part 7, we’ll continue on with word stress patterns in English. If you are usually misunderstood by Western native English speakers, word stress issues are probably the number one reason why. I can’t stress how important these next two parts of the course are. If you have any questions after Part 6 see be sure to post them here before moving on to Part 7. It’s important that your word stress foundation is very strong. To listen   Read More

Free Pronunciation Course – Part 7

Word Stress Patterns Building on what we learned in Part 6, Part 7 is going to take you much deeper into the world of English word stress. Although there aren’t any hard and fast rules for word stress, there are some common patterns you can fall back on. If you learn these patterns, you can be much more confident in your spoken English and pronunciation. We’ll be taking a look specifically at 2-syllable nouns and verbs and a number of suffixes (word endings) that can change the word stress of root words. These suffixes tend to follow patterns, and if you can remember the patterns it will be easier for you to get words right every time. Listen to the recording by clicking on the   Read More

Free Pronunciation Course – Part 8

English Intonation In this final segment of the Pronunciation Short Course, we’ll really be pulling everything together. Intonation, like word stress, is extremely important to the way you speak. Do you tend to speak in monotone or do you think people could be misunderstanding your messages because they’re confused by your intonation? In Part 8 we’ll be looking at sentence stress and intonation, default tones for statements and questions and how you can add more meaning to your messages by paying attention to your voice and tone. This is one jam-packed session, so get ready! After you’ve finished Part 8, let me know what other questions you still have about English Pronunciation. I’ll try to incorporate them into future posts and the full-length, 12 week   Read More

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