How to Pronounce ‘Pronunciation’

How to pronounce...

It seems fitting to begin a blog on pronunciation with a note on the proper pronunciation of the topic. Click the play button on the player below to hear the 60-second Quick Fix. // // ‘Pronunciation‘ is ironically one of the most commonly mispronounced words I hear. People seem to confuse ‘pronunciation‘ with its root word ‘pronounce‘. In this case, the spelling of the two words should make the pronunciation clear. proNOUNce – proNUNciation Notice that ‘pronunciation‘ is spelled with ‘n-u-n’ in the middle, whereas ‘pronounce‘ is spelled ‘n-o-U-n’. That ‘OU’ creates the ‘ow‘ sound that we hear in ‘pronounce‘. We should not, however, hear an ‘ow‘ sound in ‘pronunciation‘. The spelling ‘n-u-n’ should be pronounced just as it’s spelled, with with an ‘uh‘ sound,   Read More

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