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This is your course dashboard. Whenever you log in, you’ll be redirected here so you can find all your course content in one spot.

You can also find the free course menu in the right sidebar with links to each part of the course. This will be available on every page of the site, so you won’t have to come back to the dashboard if you want to switch between different parts of the course.

You’ll gain access to the next part of the free course every 3 days. I’ll send you an email to remind you that new content is available. This short break is meant to give you time to absorb and practice the material you’ve learned. At the end of the 8 parts, you’ll be able to come back here to access the content whenever you’d like. I’ll also be adding additional articles and resources from time to time, so check back often!

I hope you enjoy the short course! Please post your questions on the individual download pages for each segment of the program, and I’ll answer your questions there.

Happy Speaking!

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