VIDEO: How to pronounce CALENDAR – 60sec. Pronunciation Quick Fix

VIDEO: Calendar (KAL-uhn-der)
3 syllables, word stress on the first syllable KAL

There are two pronunciations that I often hear which aren’t as clear as they could be.
1. Stress on the two first syllables: KAL-EN-der
2. Stress on the second syllable: kuh-LEN-der

We should really try to put all our emphasis on the first syllable KAL. KAL-uhn-der.

Notice how the ‘e’ in the middle almost disappears. Just pretend it isn’t there. Go straight from the L to the N sound. L(uh)N. KAL-uhn-der.

Let’s use this word in a few sentences:
Let me check my calendar.
My calendar is really packed this week!
I finally figured out how to synch the calendars on my computer and phone.

So there you have it! Calendar – in under 60 seconds.


  1. Patrick Tan says:

    Hi Heather

    Please help me with anaesthetist.

    Many thanks


  2. Luz Turpo Rodriguez says:

    hi, could you help me about how to make good entonation in phrasal verbs?:? , please. :D

  3. Lokendra says:

    How can i learn correct pronounciation

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