What’s with all these new videos?


You might have noticed a few new videos popping up on this site! I have officially joined the video revolution, and will be creating TONS of videos for you.

The main reason I’m doing this is because YOU asked for it! I have had so many emails saying “Heather, we love the audio course, but we want to SEE you! It’s great to listen, but we want to watch your mouth move and see you in action!”

So here I am. I hope that these videos will be really helpful for you.

Here’s what you can expect:
Every Tuesday: 60-second Pronunciation Quick Fix
This is where I explain how to clearly pronounce a commonly mispronounced word in under 60 seconds.
Every other Thursday: Sound Practice
We’ll be looking at a different English sound each time and I’ll show you how to produce the sound correctly.
Remaining Thursdays: Either an explanation of a common pronunciation term, or an answer to one of your Frequently Asked Questions

Yep, that’s 2 videos a week! You aren’t going to want to miss a single one, so make sure you subscribe directly to my channel. This will ensure that you catch all the new videos as they go live.

Thanks for watching! I hope you enjoy all the videos! Please leave your feedback, suggestions, or ideas for new videos in the comments!

Happy Speaking!

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